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Isaac Bartlett Copeland

Isaac Bartlett Copeland

Here at Isaac At we focus on ingredients. Specifically, fresh, seasonal and local produce that can be served naturally with an emphasis on big, bold flavours.

We’ve created a dining concept that represents Sussex, steering away from classic French techniques, such as the addition of flour to sauces, which can often make them bland, to instead relying on simple sauces or oils to accentuate flavours.

One of the main questions our customers ask us is “How do you come up with your dishes?” It’s actually a fairly straightforward process; our local suppliers let us know what their best products are each week and then we form a dish around them. When we’re creating each dish, we experiment a lot with new techniques, until we find what we’re looking for.

Our August renovation meant that we could create a homelier feel by updating the interior so that customers feel welcome and can relax when they join us at the restaurant.

Working so closely, we’re lucky enough to be a team of good friends, so we try to eat out at different restaurants as often as we can. We take a lot of inspiration from our favourite chefs and it’s important we continue to grow and not get caught up in your own ways, making sure we are working to top industry standards.