How to make the perfect Sussex mashed potato

Aiden’s Sussex mashed potato has reached an insane level of perfection this week, so we felt we had to share the recipe with you so you can recreate it at home. We use Desiree potatoes from Jeremy’s of Henfield for their rich and earthy flavour! Here’s what to do…

What you need to make the perfect Sussex mash:

  • 500g Desiree potatoes (serves 4)
  • 200g butter
  • 125ml potato skin stock (our not so secret ingredient)

How to make it:

1. We usually pop our potatoes in a water bath at 70 degrees for 1.5 hours to trap the starch in when going on to boil them, but you can boil them with the skin on as normal, until soft.

Perfect mashed potato
2. Peel (keep aside!) and mash the potatoes. Pass the mash until you’re happy it’s at the smoothest it can be!
3. Add the potato skin to a pan, cover with water and add to heat to create your stock.
4. Add the butter and stock, then mix until smooth.

Perfect mashed potato
  1. Enjoy!

If you’d like to try Aiden’s mash, served at the moment with our spring Lamb Chump, book to join us for our tasting menu. Hope to see you soon.

Perfect mashed potato