The South Coast on a plate

When customers dine with Isaac At, they will be experiencing the season’s best ingredients, that have been sourced locally on the South Coast. Head Chef, Isaac, says, “The way we work with our suppliers is quite special. A lot of them have been with us since the start in March 2015, so they know us well and we’ve got a great relationship.

Isaac with some of his home grown herbs

Isaac with some of his home grown herbs

“The way we create our dishes and build our menu is unique. We want every customer that dines with us to experience the most in season and full of flavour ingredients that the South Coast has to offer that day. To be able to achieve this, we start off by finding out what each of our suppliers have in… whether that’s broccoli, gurnard or venison. Approaching it this way means that we can be completely flexible when it comes to prepping the menu each week. If something isn’t available, rather than compromising and substituting it for the same ingredient of a lower quality, we’ll rework the dish to showcase another strong ingredient from the South Coast.”

“This week we’ve got veal on the menu, but we couldn’t get any more for the rest of the week, so we switched the dish. We had some parsley root puree and one of our suppliers had delivered some amazing heritage carrots to try, so we got some sirloin from Westdene Butchers to finish the dish. It means that our customers that missed out on the veal aren’t missing out at all. They are still getting a plate of exactly what we are trying to achieve; the most in season South Coast ingredients with great flavour pairings.”

Our veal and broccoli main

Isaac’s veal and broccoli main

“Customers often ask us for the menu before they visit, but that’s really difficult for us to share as the best seasonal ingredients and availability can change each day. That’s why with something seasonal like Valentine’s Day, we can’t promise a ‘special’ menu, because we are always trying to do something special, every day. Changing menus like that would compromise the core values of what we’re about.”

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