Treacle and Stout Loaf 2020


If you’ve eaten at the restaurant then you’ll be familiar with our treacle & stout loaf, which we serve alongside South Downs butter. It melts perfectly onto the bread when its fresh from the oven and served to your table. If you want to recreate it at home, here’s how.

Ingredients (makes 6 loaves)

  • 75g treacle
  • 437ml Milk Stout (we use Gun Brewery Milk Stout that you can get from hiSbe though any stout works)
  • 700g strong flour (look for a protein content with 14g or above)
  • 200g heritage grains (we use Trenchmore Farm’s, also available from hiSbe)
  • 18g salt
  • 37.5 yeast
  • 150g water



So to start you’ll need three large mixing bowls.

 In your “dry bowl” Combine the 700g strong bread flour, 200g of wholemeal flour and 18g of fine salt.

In the next bowl, your “wet bowl”, combine 75g of black treacle and 437ml of stout whisk and set aside.

Whisk 37.5g dry yeast with 150ml of tap water. Once all three bowls have been whisked separately, combine all three and mix until a dough forms.

Pour out onto a work surface and start kneading. Knead for around 10 mins until homogenous and smooth, then return to a bowl and cover with cling film.

Leave to prove at room temperature for 5-6 hours (or for 12hrs overnight in a fridge) until the bread has over doubled in size then roll into 6 equal balls. Make sure you spend at least 2 minutes shaping your dough balls into perfect spheres.

Lightly dust the rolls with flour and place on a baking tray with a sheet of cling film covering them (this prevents a skin forming on the bread). Be sure to leave around two inches between the rolls so they don’t bake into each other.

Leave under the cling film at room temperature for a further 30mins-1hr until they have again doubled in size.

Whilst they have their second rise, pre heat your oven as hot as you can possibly get it.

When you put your bread into the oven, turn it down to 180c and throw a cup of water in the bottom of the oven. The steam will help make a thick crispy crust.

Bake the bread for 24 mins at 180c

Turning the tray once halfway through.

Your bread is now ready! Leave to cool and whenever you plan on serving, just flash the bread back through at 180 for another 8mins just to re-crisp the crust!

Alternatively, you cling film and freeze the bread and hold for up to a month.