Isaac’s guide to butchering a chicken

We teamed up with Restaurants Brighton to create a video to help guide you through butchering a whole chicken. A popular meat, this easy to follow video will help make sure you have minimal wastage and maximum flavour. Get those knives sharpened…

So, you’ve got your meat ready and you’re ready to prepare a dish. Here Isaac shares his guide to creating a Double Chicken Jus and Salt Baked Celeriac to accompany the meat.

Isaac’s Double Chicken Jus

  • Add all the excess trim of the bird into a pan with some water. Cook on a low-medium heat just under the simmer – be careful not to boil it
  • Roast off the chicken wings in the oven until golden brown. Make sure the meat is dry all the way through – this is important as the dryer the wings, the more the flavour goes into the stock!
  • After 30 mins, remove your pan from the hob and put through a sieve so that you are left with white stock
  • Add your cooked wings into that stock and add heat for 2-3 hours on a low simmer.
  • You then have two options – either make a sauce for your chicken breast, or reduce it down to make a jus, which will have a really rich flavour.

Image: Nick Harvey, Restaurants Brighton

Isaac’s Salt Baked Celeriac

Our current main course is Roast Chicken, Salt Baked Celeriac and Gem Lettuce, so here’s how Isaac and the team create their Celeriac, so you can try to recreate the dish at home.

  • Add 200g salt and 200g flour to water to make a dry paste
  • Grab a whole celeriac and wrap the paste around it
  • Bake in the over for 1-1.5 hours
  • Take it out of the oven and leave to cool, before cracking off the casing
  • Slice and serve with your chicken and double chicken jus

If you haven’t eaten at the restaurant since this has been on the menu, you can book to join us here.


Image: Emma Harrel