Sussex Secrets: A Trip to Plumpton College

A further education in wine at Plumpton College

The restaurant is closed for the next couple of weeks, so we used some time out of the kitchen to head over to Plumpton College this morning, to find out more about how they produce some of Sussex’s finest wine.

Wine Business student Gabriel gave us a tour of the facilities, including the nine vines they have one site at the college itself. It was great to meet Sarah Midgley, THE Wine Maker at Plumpton too. They were busy working to remove any yeast sediment from some of their Dean Blush before adding the cork, so it was a great chance to see them in action. We even got to try a bottle hot off the press in our tasting – it’s great stuff.

Plumpton Estate can produce up to 40,000 revia online bottles of wine, from grapes from all three of their vineyards across Sussex. It was great to see where the magic happens…

What would we recommend from Plumpton?

Gabriel took us through a tasting of three wines, adding their Pinot Noir Perrin’s Block 2014 and white Plumpton Ortega to the mix. Based on today’s tasting, Alex would recommend enjoying the wines as follows:

  • The Dean Blush as an aperitif
  • The Plumpton Ortega would work well with our Plaice, Potato, Parsley & Sea Purslane dish
  • The Pinot Noir would be served with our Pork Neck, Smoked Celeriac & Samphire dish

Find out more about our approach to local wines here, take a look at our current exclusively English wine menu here and book to join us for our tasting menu and Sussex Flight when we’re back from 22nd August!